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Autumn cookouts to early Christmas gifts, there's never been a better time to purchase a MeatStick Kit for you or someone you love!


    The MeatStick System allows for any combination up to 8 MeatStick or MeatStick Mini's to be used and monitored at the same time via the app or the WiFi Bridge!


    The MeatStick system is designed to work together. Mix and match any products to get the range extension you need.


    Get real-time temperature reads on your phone or tablet as well as Set-It-And-Forget-It functionalitly. The App will even alert you when your food is almost ready so you can gather the gang!

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  • Why do I need The MeatStick?

    With The MeatStick Wireless Meat Thermometer, you'll get perfect and consistent results every time.

    Simply stick The MeatStick Wireless Meat Thermometer into the meat of your choice, set up your cook method and preferences in the free app, and start cooking!

    Monitor your meat’s real-time status in the app while you’re away from the grill and get instantly notified when it’s cooked to perfection!

    Take control and never undercook/overcook your meats again!

  • Can I use the MeatStick and MeatStick Mini to cook any kind of meat ?

    Definitely! You can cook beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, catfish, goose, pork, and so much more.

    The MeatStick and MeatStick Mini are the best helpers when you cook meat in an oven, smoker or grill. The free mobile app has many built-in cook options for you to choose from. With the guidance of the cook list in the App, you can cook your meats perfectly. No more guesswork!

    The only thing that is required is for the Stick itself to be completely inserted into the meat. As such for smaller cuts of meat, we recommend you to use the MeatStick Mini.

  • Can The MeatStick be used in an air fryer, or a deep fryer, submerged in hot oil?

    Yes, both the MeatStick and MeatStick Mini are deep fryer and air fryer safe! As long as the Stick is inserted completely into the meat and the temperatures didn't exceed the threshold.

    As a reminder, the MeatStick ambient temp max resistance is up to 572°F / 300°C, internal temp max resistance max 212°F / 100°C.

    As for the MeatStick Mini, the ceramic handle max resistance is also up to 572 °F / 300 °C, and the internal temp max resistance max 185°F / 85°C.

  • Do I have to be an experienced Chef to use The MeatStick?

    The MeatStick Wireless Meat Thermometer can be used by everyone!

    All you have to do is to stick The MeatStick into your meat, set up and monitor your cook with the free app, and leave the rest to The MeatStick!

    Get real-time status on your smart device and be notified instantly when the meat is ready.

    You’ll have more time to spend with family and friends and less to worry about in the kitchen. No matter who you are, take your cooking to the next level and achieve meat perfection, every time.

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