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MeatStick Set - SAVE 30%

MeatStick Set - SAVE 30%

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The MeatStick is the first smart wireless meat thermometer designed not just for barbecue, but for other forms of cooking as well. Including Sous Vide cooking, Air Frying, and Deep Frying! And, because there are no cords, it's perfect for rotisserie-style cooking.

The MeatStick can withstand the harshest cooking environments from smokers to grills, withstanding meat temperatures of up to 212°F for 24+ hours to help you make the juiciest, smokiest brisket, all while keeping an eye on your smoker’s cooking temperature with the built-in Ambient Temperature Sensor.

Clean-up is a breeze as the MeatStick is dishwasher safe!

Available in different configurations allowing you to pick the range you need to monitor your temps via the FREE app via Apple App Store, or Google Play Store for Android devices.

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