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Blaze 26" Outdoor Gas Oven

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A modern, eye-pleasing outdoor oven that does restaurant-quality pizza and so much more!

  • Get an even bake with its 17" rotating ceramic pizza stone
  • Vertical rotisserie rod w/drip tray & 2 cooking racks provide the ability to cook anything you can do in your oven indoors, out!
  • A digital screen with 2 connected meat probes for the most accurate cooking times
  • Interior lighting and double-pane glass oven doors to prevent heat loss

Stylish Stainless Steel Construction
The Blaze Outdoor Oven, constructed of 304 stainless steel, is durable, resistant to corrosion, and easy to clean. Pleasing to the eye and practical, it can handle a variety of cooking needs now and for years to come.

Vertical Rotisserie for Cooking Versatility
Deep-dish, flatbread, or any other style of pizza, this oven is, of course, up to any pizza cooking challenge you throw at it. But with a built-in rotisserie rod and double cooking racks, you'll just as easily prepare a sumptuous rack of lamb as a delicious personal pie. After all the Blaze Outdoor Oven is designed to be, well, an oven, which means you can cook just about anything in it!

360-Degree Rotating Pizza Stone
Forget about having to stick your arm into a piping hot oven to twirl your pizza. The 17" ceramic pizza stone rotates at the push of a button, so your family pizza night can truly incorporate the kids. Plus, by evenly distributing the heat from the oven (and eliminating any annoying cold spots), the stone will both ensure total pizza perfection and provide an excellent surface to cook so many other dishes.

From Low-and-Slow to Searing Heat
Tubular burners offer the capability to cook low and slow at 270 degrees or rip as high as 600 degrees while using the dual cooking racks. That kind of temperature range allows for true cooking versatility.

Because the pizza stone is heated directly at the burners, its surface can reach over 700 degrees, which means crispy, restaurant-quality pizza in mere minutes, or any other foods that require serious heat.

Three Configuration Options to Suit Your Setup
In addition to the Built-in model, there is also a countertop stand and a full rolling cart available. (sold separately)