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Blaze 6 ft Stainless Steel BBQ Island w/ Premium LTE3 PLUS 32 in. Gas Grill

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New Arrival!

Easy-to-Assemble BBQ Island complete with a Blaze Premium LTE3 PLUS Gas Grill

  • Rust and corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel used for both the island and grill
  • Ample storage space for your grilling tools and more, plus a pull-out trash bin
  • Best-in-class Limited Lifetime Warranty on the grill and island
  • Assembly requires just two things: a Phillips head screwdriver, and a friend!

This BBQ Island, complete with the Blaze Premium LTE3 PLUS gas grill is a great way to add an outdoor kitchen to your home with a minimum of hassle, confusion, and hard work. You can literally have your new BBQ Island set up and cooking within a few hours!

Easier than Most Do-It-Yourself Options
Unless you are pumped about surveying, pouring concrete, framing an island or cabinets, applying a stone or brick facing and installing a countertop, this grill Island may be the perfect solution for your outdoor kitchen! All components, including the grill will ship together on the same pallet. You're not adding a structure to your home, so you probably won't need a building permit or a contractor.

Assembly is usually accomplished in only a few hours. But, you will need a helper to help you put the panels together and to lift the Blaze built-in gas grill into place. However, there's nothing to cut or saw or weld. The kit comes with everything you need to put it together, and the only tool required is a Phillips head screwdriver.

Additionally, the island comes with leveling feet, so the surface you're putting it on doesn't have to be "perfectly flat and level." Because it's not permanently attached, you do have the option of setting it up on a deck.

Give yourself a lot more storage!
The centre under-the-grill cabinet provides ample room for additional storage. To the left you get a drawer and a pull-out trash bin — which is something most people find indispensable once they have one! On the right there is a top tip-out utensil storage door, as well as two storage drawers — with illuminated interiors (AAA batteries required)!

The storage doors and drawers are "soft close" which allows the doors and drawers to close smoothly and silently. Limiting wear and tear on your cabinets.

Comes Complete With A Blaze 32" 4-Burner Premium LTE3 PLUS Gas Grill — The Star Attraction!
Your new Blaze Premium 4-Burner LTE3 PLUS gas grill is the heartbeat of your new BBQ Island. This is an upgraded version of one of the best-selling grills in our history. Crafted of 304 stainless steel, it also has stainless flame tamers, patented triangular cooking grids and cast stainless steel dual-ported burners.

This grill is built to last, and it's backed by the aforementioned lifetime warranty. It employs an ultra-reliable Push & Turn flame-thrower ignition, with a backup Flashtube and Crossover Channel system to ensure a good flame with every start. The flame tamers help keep flare-ups in check, and every inch of the grilling surface gets good and hot. Heat zone separators allow you to cook at different temperatures in each zone.

The grill includes a rear infrared burner to provide steady, reliable heat to rotisserie (rotisserie kit sold separately), and an infrared main burner is available as an accessory (sold separately) if you want to establish a super-hot sear zone.

The grill includes eye-catching LED Backlit illuminated control knobs that turn red to indicate when gas is flowing and also allow you to see grill settings from a distance. The internal halogen lights illuminate the cooking surface and automatically turn off and on when opening and closing the grill hood. A 110-volt power source is required to run the lighting.

Other additions include spring assist making hood operation smooth and effortless and new billeted stainless steel control knobs with knurled grips.

Note: In most cases, everything will be shipped on a single pallet. You will want to have somebody help you take the boxes from the curb to your garage or backyard, because in total it weighs over 300 lbs. (the grill alone is over 100 lbs.).