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Blaze LTE Ceramic Flame Tamer

Blaze LTE Ceramic Flame Tamer

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New Product! Innovative flame tamers with dependable performance of ceramic rods.

  • 304 stainless steel flame tamer tray with round ceramic rods
  • Reduced flare-ups with round rod design
  • Precision intense heat distribution
  • Evenly cooked food every time
  • More flavorful food with vaporized drippings
  • Durable construction that will hold up season after season
  • Compatible with Blaze Premium LTE and LTE+ Series gas grills as well as Prelude LBM Series gas grills

Designed to seamlessly fit into any Blaze Prelude LBM, Premium LTE or LTE+ Series Gas Grills, the Blaze Ceramic Flame Tamer allows users to enjoy the numerous advantages of ceramic rods, including a reliable cooking performance, thanks to the elimination of hot spots.

Intended to replace your standard flame tamer set, this is the perfect upgrade for those seeking to enhance their grilling capabilities.

Even more than that, the food will taste better as Blaze's ceramic flame tamer rods absorb drippings from your cook and vaporizes them, creating a flavourful smoke that infuses into the food. But vapourization doesn't mean flare-ups because the round design of these ceramic rods allow grease to easily roll off, making grilling safe and more convenient, especially when cooking fatty meats.

The Blaze Ceramic Flame Tamer's tray is constructed from the highest quality 304 stainless steel and paired with the most durable ceramic rods, which can withstand high temperatures without deteriorating and, unlike metal shields, are less likely to rust or degrade over time. Plus, after each use you'll simply need to burn off any food debris to clean. The Ceramic Flame Tamer is the perfect addition to your Blaze gas grill, providing even heat and maximum flavour with minimum maintenance.

Not for use with Blaze Professional LUX Grills.

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