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Blaze Insulated Jacket For 32-Inch 4-Burner Gas Grills

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Made of stainless steel for lasting quality

  • Allows you to safely build your grill into an island made from combustible materials
  • Fits Blaze & Blaze Premium LTE 4-burner built-in gas grills

This Blaze insulated jacket is a safety essential when installing your Blaze or Blaze Premium LTE 4-burner gas grill into a combustible enclosure such as an outdoor kitchen or BBQ island.

This insulated jacket is constructed of stainless steel with a self-supporting ledge around the sides and back that adds one more layer of quality to your outdoor kitchen.

Not for use with Blaze Charcoal or Professional LUX Grills.

Cutout Dimensions (in inches): 33 W x 22 1/4 D x 9 5/8 H.