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Blaze 4-in-1 Stainless Steel Cooking Plate

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Stainless steel construction is durable in outdoor conditions

  • May be used as a griddle plate for cooking breakfast, or for searing steaks
  • Deflects heat allowing to you to cook low and slow on your Blaze Kamado
  • Wide 15-inch diameter is ideal for pots and dutch ovens for adding smoke flavour to chili, stews, or gumbos
  • Also works great as a pizza stone for perfectly crispy pizza crusts

This Blaze Cooking Plate is designed specifically for the Blaze Kamado grill. It works well as a radiant heat deflector, allowing you to smoke ribs, brisket and more. Constructed from 3/16-inch solid stainless steel, the Blaze 4 in 1 cooking plate is more tough and long lasting compared to ceramic heat plates.

Use it as a pizza stone and bake crispy, even pizza crusts, or you can set a dutch oven on it and infuse stews or gumbos with smoke while cooking. It also makes an ideal griddle for cooking bacon, eggs, or searing steaks. T

he entire cooking plate surface can be used for searing which allows you to achieve beautiful full surface sears on your food.